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If you love telling bedtime stories to your child,       finding new parenting ideas,      getting writing tips,        discovering new products,      and finding new ways to make money from home,     congratulations,         you are in the right place! Subscribe to Blog on your Kindle

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What you will find on this blog:

In addition to the over 100 bedtime stories, you can also find articles on parenting, mom life, raising children, and much more.

I’ve recently started writing more articles on parenting and hope that you will enjoy these posts and they’ll be great reads as well.

If you’re ready to contribute to this blog, I do publish guest posts and am specifically looking for interesting fictional pieces for the blog. If you plan to submit a fiction guest post, please submit only pieces that are at least 1,000. Share your favorite bedtime story with other moms!

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I was very happy to learn that Amazon has a program for bloggers who want to offer their blogs to be available for readers who are interested in having a monthly subscription to blogs that they enjoy reading.

This is perfect for my blog because I started this blog when I realized how difficult it can be to come up with ideas for bedtime stories on the spot. This is a great opportunity for parents who are looking for a blog they want to read at night before bed.

I know I’m not the only one who enjoys relaxing just before bed and reading some of my favorite blogs and books. The Amazon Kindle provides a great opportunity for you to access not only amazing ebooks, books like Your Baby’s First Year, but also some really cool blogs, like mine, and right now you can try it now for free for the first 14 days! 

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