Day 2

One upon a time there was a great wizard. He was able to reach all the way into the stars and grab the most beautiful moonstones to give to only the most sweet princess in all the land. All of the people in the kingdoms knew that every five years the wizard would pull a moonstone out of the galaxy. A galaxy is like all of outerspace. So each five years all the citizens would gather around on their blankets and they would watch as the wizard grabbed. They called it grabbing night. They would all dress up in costumes to celebrate the night. Bright neon greens and shimmering yellows. Fire orange and electric blue. They would make great big colorful blankets that they would lay on the ground and sit on together. They cooked the most amazing feast and drank the best drinks they could find. They were so happy, because they new that the sweetest princess was going to be honored with a very amazing glowing moonstone. The princess would glow then too, because of how sweet and kind she was to all of her subjects. The wizard would put his hand out to reach for the stone and sparks would fly of all colors and it looked like fireworks. Fireworks just to show for the people and for the princess. And this was how the moonstone got into your room, because you are the most sweetest princess in all the land. You can see your moonstone every night because it is what I call a nightlight and it glows all night long. That is why everyone loves you, because you are so sweet!!


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