Day 6

Once upon a time there was a mouse named Fred. He was very sweet. He had a lot of friends. One of his friends was named Barry and he was a horse. Barry had a long mane of horse hair and strong metal shoes. Another one of his friends was named Kyle. Kyle was a pig with a really big snout! Also Fred had some friends who were cows. Daisy was a girl cow, and she was married to another boy cow named Arnold, and they had a baby cow, a calf named Ned. Fred and all of his friends lived on a farm. Fred lived inside of Big Barn with Barry the horse. Barry slept inside of Big Barn at night, but he went outside during the day to play in Green Field. Daisy, Arnold and Ned all lived in Green Field with the other cows. Fred loved living in Big Barn. He thought it was great! One day it began raining very hard. Plop Plop Plop went the raindrops, harder and harder, Crash Crash Crash, went the thunder, Bang Bang Bang, went the lightening. Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh went the water running down roof of Big Barn. This was the biggest storm that had come to Big Barn. All of the animals had to come inside of Fred and Barry’s home for the night. Big Barn didn’t feel quite so big anymore sharing it with all of the other animals! Because there was so much rain, crashing thunder and banging lightening, all the animals were cuddled together inside of Big Barn, waiting for this horrible storm to stop. After awhile when the rain did not stop the animals began to grumble, “It is not very nice in here, and there is barely any mud, I wish I was outside in the mud!” said Kyle the pig. “Well there may not be mud in here, but that hay that you are stepping on is my food! I like my hay and you keep squirming around in here!” replied Barry the horse. “Well I want to eat some grass, We are hungry,” groaned the cows Daisy Arnold and their baby Ned. So Fred the mouse said, “Can we all try to make the best of it? I may be very small, and I know you guys are all used to big spaces like Big Barn and Green Field, but if we stay inside together tomorrow we can go back outside again.” All the animals agreed to stop complaining until the rain stopped. The next day Kyle the pig got to play in a lot of mud, the horse and the cows went out into Green Field and Fred the Mouse had his barn back to himself again, and they all lived happily ever after.


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