Day 7

Once upon a time there was an amazing basketball player. She was actually the very best basketball in the whole entire world. One day Prince William and Princess Kate decided to go see her play. She played so well in the game. She made a bunch of 3 pointers, she passed the ball great. Her assists helped her team to win! She was dribbling the ball back and forth down the court and almost no one could steal the ball from her! Her competitors didn’t even look like competition that night! The fans were going wild, people were jumping up out of their seats, “SLAM DUNK!!!” they all yelled! Some of them had made big signs to show their support, and others painted their faces and were waving banners. The game was sold out and there was not a single dollar seat available! Even though she was very nervous because the Prince and Princess had come to see her show she still had done great, leading her team to another victory. He shoe sales were up and her fans were all wearing her sneakers to show their support. All of the sudden after the game her coach said to her, right in front of the reporters who were crowding around for their post-game interviews, “Are you ready to meet Prince William and Princess Kate?!” She was so excited, she did not know what it would be like to meet the Prince and Princess! So of course she said “Yes I am ready to meet them, how do I look?!” Then she was asked to come to the side of the court where they said that the Prince and Princess were about to arrive. When The Prince and Princess walked over they were very excited to meet her because she was the worlds best basketball player. They shook her hand and said what a great job she had done in the game. She thanked them very much, and then lived happily ever after.


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