Day 10

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sunny. She was always very happy until one day her favorite shirt was lost. She went into her dresser drawer to pick it out to go with her outfit for school the next morning, but it was no where to be found. She started to pull out all of the shirts in her drawers, but still she could not find her favorite shirt. She was really sad, because this was the shirt that her mom bought her when they went to the zoo. Sunny thought it was a really cool shirt, and she liked it because it had pictures of her favorite animals, a panda, a tiger, a gorilla, and a polar bear! Her mom usually let her wear the shirt to school on Mondays. Well it was Sunday night, and she couldn’t find her shirt, and she always picked her outfits out for school the night before. Sunny did not know what to do. Sunny ran downstairs and told her mom that she could not find her favorite shirt. Sunny’s mom was very sweet and nice. “Do not worry Sunny, I know exactly where your animal shirt is! It is in the washer machine,” said Sunny’s mom. “Yeay, I’m happy you know where my shirt is mom!” said Sunny. But then Sunny thought, “Well what about tomorrow?” So Sunny asked her mother, “I always wear that shirt on Mondays, now what am I going to do!?!” And Sunny’s mother said, “I know you always wear that shirt on Monday’s, but tomorrow is a special Monday, because you are going to the Zoo tomorrow at school!  Surprise!” Sunny jumped up and down and waved her hands in the air! “Wow that is great!!” she said. And her mom said, “I am giving you fifteen dollars to take with you to school tomorrow so that you can buy a new shirt, but you’ll have to wear a different shirt tomorrow while I finish washing your old one!” Sunny thanked her mom and went upstairs to get ready for bed. The next day Sunny went to the Zoo with her friends. Sunny saw some amazing animals. She saw a polar bear, a gorilla, a tiger, and the panda bears! She had so much fun with her friends and she even bought her new shirt. Now she wears that shirt on Tuesday and the shirt she bought with her mom she still wears every Monday. She talks all the time about how much she can not wait to go back to the zoo. Maybe Sunny will grow up and be a zookeeper?!


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