Day 11


Once upon a time there was a very special bird. This bird was so beautiful. It was all different colors of blue and green. The shades of blue and green on the birds feather were so gorgeous and her feathers were perfect and shiny. This bird enjoyed flying and diving through the air. Her name was Zena. She was born in a nest that was behind a beautiful waterfall. Zena had four brothers and one sister. Everyday she would soar through the air with one or more of her brothers or sisters. They loved to explore new places, they had found a whole bunch of fun activities to do every day beyond the waterfall. There were great places to eat, like the fruit tree on the corner, or the berry tree next to the waterfall. They would stop at wormcrawlers for a night snack or an early breakfast. Other things that they liked to do were hanging upside down off of tree branches or playing in the water that pooled up next to the shore. Sometimes they would fly as high up as they could. Zena decided it was time for her to build her own nest. So every day Zena went out and found really interesting things to decorate her new home. She found string and twine, twigs and little sticks. She decided that she wanted to have a really big house so she also used leaves and acorn tops. One day Zena was flying and spotted a big area that had a whole bunch of hay and straw. Zena swooped down and grabbed some of the hay and some of the straw with her beak. She brought the straw and hay to her new nest and she added that to her home. Zena had so much fun going out to find things for her new nest. One she finished her nest she was very happy. Zena would still fly and dive through the air with her brothers and sisters, who had all made their own nests too. They all lived very happily in their new nests and they flew around everyday and enjoyed doing fun things everyday!

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