Day 12

There once was a very special shoebox. Inside this shoebox was a handle. This handle looked exactly like a handle on a door. This shoebox was inside of a store in the very middle of a very small city in a very small country. They shoebox was on the very tip top shelf inside of the store. It was hard to get to the shoebox once a person was inside the store if they did not know where to look. It was protected not only by the shoebox’s secret location inside the store, but also the store had an owner who did not let many people come inside the store. To come inside of this store you had to have a password, which the store owner would ask for before he would let anyone inside. This password cannot be told to protect this shoebox. There were very few people that had this password. Also the town where the store was in had a big wall around it. And outside of this wall was a moat that went all the way around the city, and inside of the moat which was filled with water, there were Alligators! If a person did not know how to get over the wall or get inside the wall they would never get to the store where the shoebox was, and of course they would never get to turn the doorknob. Well one day a Prince decided that he was going to go into the city and tell the store owner the password and go into the shop and climb to the top shelf and open the shoebox and turn the door handle and get transported to the end of the rainbow and find he pot of gold and give that pot of gold to his princess. He had heard from a traveling gypsy that this is what would happen if he went on a quest to open the doorknob inside the shoebox. So the prince told his princess that she must wait for him to come back with the gold from the end of the rainbow. The prince saddled his horse began his quest. He rode to the city and when he got to the moat and saw the alligators chomping their teeth he was afraid! But the gypsy told him how to get inside the city. The prince found the door the gypsy told him would lead the prince to a tunnel that went under the moat and would lead him into the city. Well the tunnel was very dark and it smelled like dirt. But the Prince was brave and he found his way. Once he got out of the tunnel he walked across the town to the store. The prince remembered the password the old gypsy told him, and when the store owner asked him “What is the password Prince?” The prince told the storeowner the password and the owner swung open the big door to the store with a clank. The Prince walked to the back of the store and climbed up to the tip-top shelf. The picked up the shoebox and set it down on the table. He pulled off the top and the shoebox and turned the handle. Suddenly the prince was back in his castle with his princess in his arms surrounded by gold. He said “This is the best shoebox and the end of the Rainbow is so much better than I thought, I got the gold and my Princess!” The prince and princess were very very happy together, and they kept the secret of the town and the magic shoebox, and they lived happily ever after.


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