Day 13

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in outerspace. She could see the earth from her window in her spaceship. She had a very big room in the spaceship where she lived with her mom, dad, and little brother and sister. She liked living in space for three reasons. She enjoyed living on a space ship, because she was very close to her friends. Also living in space was very beautiful. She could see always see the stars at night before she went to bed. The stars were very pretty and she could count them and see the constellations, like Orion’s Belt and the Milky Way! The third reason she liked living in space was because she could go to the moon for field trips with her class from school. Every time they went to the moon they would stop at the place with the American flag and her teacher would tell her about how Neil Armstrong came to the moon from earth and put the American flag there. Then they could go from the place with the flag and explore other parts of the moon. Sometimes living in outerspace felt boring especially when she would watch movies about the gorgeous mountains, lakes and beaches on earth. Every night she dreamed of being able to go to earth. She couldn’t go to earth, because since so many people lived there all the people started to move to live in space stations. At night the girl would talk to the man on the moon, who she called Armstrong, after Neil Armstrong, and tell him about her wish to go to earth. One day her parents called her and her brother and sister to the living room and said they had a surprise. They were getting to go on a vacation to Earth! They would have to wait one month for the vacation. So they waited and planned all the fun things that they wanted to do. When they left the space ship and arrived on Earth they all cheered, “Yeay we made it!” Their first stop was the beach and then the mountains and then they went to the lake. They travelled all around, they even went to the big cities and some of the smaller ones. They rode in cars and on busses. The walked down big streets and in big fields. The girl took a lot of pictures and when she got home to her room in the space station she put some of her pictures of their vacation up on her wall. She could not wait until the next time she could go back to Earth, even though she was happy to be home. She counted her constellations, and told the man in the moon all about her trip to Earth. And then she fell fast asleep and dreamed about all the fun things she did!


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