Day 9

Once upon a time there was a lion who lived in the jungle. This lion’s was married to a lioness named Tilda. The lion’s name was Tig. Every where that Tig and Tilda went they made friends, even though they were lions. They made friends, because they were nice and they did not try to eat all the other animals. One day some bad men came into the jungle and they were capturing the animals and taking them away from their homes in the jungle. Some of the animals who they took away never came back home. This scared all the animals in the jungle and made them very angry. They did not like these men and they missed their friends who were taken. The main day of the week, which was the day when all of the animals would eat their biggest meals to prepare for their week, Tig and Tilda called a meeting for all the animals. All the animals came to the lion’s meeting. At the meeting all the animals in the jungle decided that they had to do something about these men. They needed to stop these men from taking their friends. So the animals banned together and decided to go to the men’s camp and push them out of the jungle so that they would never again come back to their jungle. So the animals found out where the men’s camp was, and they ran in a great big circle right around the camp. They knocked down the men’s tents, they grinded their food and water into the ground with their big animal feet. The stomped and stomped, clang clang clang, the men’s pots and pans were thrown around and then the animals started to chase the men out of the jungle. The animals chased them so far to beyond the edge of the jungle! The men promised that they would never comeback. After they chased the men out all the animals returned to their homes in the jungle. They all thanked Tig and Tilda for making the meeting of animals where they decided to get those men out of their jungle. From then on Tig was really the king of his jungle and Tilda was his queen and they ruled over the jungle for many years.


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