Day 14

Once upon a time there was a big white fluffy dog. His owner, a little girl named Elle, called him Humphrey. Humphrey thought that Elle was the best owner in the whole world. Elle’s parents gave Humphrey to Elle for her birthday when she turned 5 years old. They were immediately best friends. They were best friends, because they went everywhere together, they have fun together, they made each other smile if one of them was sad, and because they could always make each other laugh. The only place they did not go together was school, and that was only because they do not let people bring their dogs to school. Humphrey did not like that about schools. Before Elle got on her school bus in the morning, Humphrey would walk right next to her until she turned around to give him a big hug and say goodbye. Humphrey’s white fur was so fluffy that Elle could bury her whole head in his fur. While Elle was at school Humphrey prepared for her to come home. Things he did to prepare for her to come home were great. Humphrey knew that Elle loved to play with him so he made sure that there would be tons of fun things for them to do together once she got off the bus. The first thing that Humphrey did was that he pulled all of her stuffed animals off of her bed and put her favorite teddy bear in his secret hiding spot so that when she got to her room she would have to ask Humphrey to find her teddy bear for her. Elle would laugh and grab all of her teddy bears and put them on her bed and call Humphrey hug him really big. Humphrey also pulled stuffing out of his toys and onto the floor and every day Elle would ask for his help picking it up. Some days Humphrey ran around outside until his was really dirty and on those days he knew Elle would give him a bath. He knew Elle had fun giving him a bath, honestly it was not his favorite activity they did together, but he loved running around outside anyway. Humphrey always left his tennis balls at the top of the steps, so that when they walked out of Elle’s room and to the stairs to go downstairs, he could push them with his nose down the stairs, and he knew that Elle would pick them up and throw his tennis ball for him outside. The last thing he did before she got home was to make sure to drink all of the water out of his bowl. That way when Elle got home she would have to get him more water. He knew he would get a hug then too. They were best friends and did fun stuff like this every day! Well one day, while Humphrey was running around outside he noticed a hole in the fence. Humphrey decided to go through the hole and explore what was outside of his and Elle’s yard. He got turned around and got on a street. All of the sudden, “Screeeeeetch, BANG!” Humphrey was hit by a passing car! Elle’s parents came running outside, they picked up Humphrey covered him with a towel and took him to the doctor. When Humphrey woke up Elle was next to him, her head was buried in his fur and she was wimpering and crying. Humphrey gave Elle a big kiss and she stopped crying. Humphrey had a broken leg. After this everyday when Elle got home from school she would pull all of her stuffed animals off of the bed and put them next to Humphrey on his bed and give him a big hug. She brought his water in his bowl up to him and his tennis ball from downstairs. Elle brushed his long fluffy fur and read him stories. Elle was being Humphrey’s best friend. Finally Humphrey got better and things went back to normal and Humphrey and Elle were best friends forever and lived happily ever after.


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