Day 15

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Bess who loved playing the Tambourine. She began playing the tambourine when she was very little. She decided that she wanted to grow up and be in a band playing the tambourine. She told her mom everyday, “I am going to the best tambourine player that there is in the entire world!” Her mom told her to practice every day and she would be. So she started practicing her tambourine afterschool with some of her friends who played other instruments. One of her friends could sing really well, and another friend could play the drum. Another friend played the guitar. They practiced for 1 hour together everyday. Bess was also wrote songs, so her friends told her she was in charge of writing songs for their band. Everyday she played the tambourine and wrote more songs. One day when they were in school, their teacher told them that there was going to be a talent show at the school. They all talked about it and decided that they wanted to enter. First prize was a trip to Hollywood to perform in an even bigger contest in front of famous singers! If they won they would get to go to Hollywood, go to the Hard Rock café, go to a hotel with a really big pool with a water slide, and go to a concert! Also they would be able to perform in front of the famous singers! They were so excited, and they all decided they were going to win first prize! They started to practice more everyday, instead of 1 hour after school they now were practicing 2 hours everyday. Sometimes on Friday nights they would order pizza, practice and talk about ideas for their music and what outfits they were going to wear to their show. Finally the day of the talent show came. They preformed their music in front of the whole school. Everyone was cheering for them. The people at the school were yelling out their names and clapping their hands. When they found out that they won first prize they all started crying! They were so exited to go to Hollywood. They packed their bags and got ready to go on the best trip of their lives! Years later, Bess became one of the worlds best tambourine players and song writers, and she was very happy for ever after!


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