Day 16


Once upon a time there was a little boy named Ned. Ned had a grandmother who loved to cook the yummiest food in the whole world for Ned. She could make anything! Ned liked his grandma’s cooking so much that he always sat right inside the kitchen when he was home from school. He waited for the smells of the buttery biscuits or her ooey gooey brownies to come steaming out of the oven. Ned sat in his chair at the kitchen table and asked his grandmother every time she opened the door to the oven, “Grandma, how long until I can eat!?” His grandmother would always tell Ned, “Ned, you can not eat the food until it stops its steaming, once the food is cooled then we can eat!” Ned could barely wait, he squirmed in his chair and tried to do the problems in the math homework his teacher, Mrs. Finkle, had assigned. “Mrs. Finkle’s math homework was always boring anyway,” Ned thought. Ned knew he wanted to be a chef like his grandmother and cook all the yummy foods she made for him. Ned told his grandmother that he wanted to be a chef. “The most important ingredient in cooking is the love. All the other parts about making great food dishes I can teach you and you’ll have to go to cooking school too!” Ned’s grandmother told him. Ned replied, “Grandma, I’ll listen to everything you have to tell me!” They decided to start Ned’s cooking lessons the next day. When Ned arrived home from school, on the counter was a big white puffy top chef’s hat! Ned’s grandmother had a surprise prepared for him. On the counter were eggs, cocoa, butter, flour, sugar, salt and spices, measuring cups, a mixing bowl, a big spoon and a pan. “I’ll teach you how to make your favorite ooey gooey brownies!,” his grandma said. Ned clapped his hands and grabbed the chefs hat and put it on top of his head, “I am ready!,” Ned said. “First things first,” his grandmother asked, “What is the most important ingredient?” “Love,” said Ned. “Do you have that,” his grandmother questioned. “Yes I do, promise!,” Ned replied. “Well good,” let’s begin your first lesson,” and Ned’s grandmother began to show him what to do with the ingredients. She taught him how to measure the flour, cocoa and sugar with the measuring cups. She showed Ned how to crack the eggs without getting the shell into the bowl, and how to add the spices and the melted butter. She told him how to mix the batter with the big spoon for just the right amount of time and pour all the batter into the bowl. “All of this mixing and measuring, I hope you are paying attention in Mrs. Finkle’s math class,” Ned’s grandmother told him. “Well,” said Ned “This is so much more interesting.” Once Ned’s grandmother put the pan of brownies into the oven, Ned and his grandmother sat down at the table to wait until the brownies finished cooking. Ding! The timer on the oven went off. Ned was more excited to eat than ever. When his grandmother put the ooey gooey brownies on the top of the table he knew he had to wait for the steam to stop rising. Once the steam stopped rising, Ned and his grandmother ate plates of ooey gooey brownies. Ned started cooking everyday with his grandmother and when Ned grew up he was one of the most famous chefs in all of the world. Ned always remembered to add the love to his cooking, which was the most important ingredient he used.


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