Day 17

There once lived a super smart whale named Ferdinand. Ferdinand lived in the great big blue ocean with his family, they called themselves a pod. The members of Ferdinand’s pod included his mother and his father, they were very old and had been swimming for a very long time. Also in Ferdinand’s pod were his cousins, his aunts and uncles, Ferdinand’s wife, and all of his children. Ferdinand had three children. They had not been swimming the ocean for very long. Ferdinand’s youngest child only had 3 years of swimming the ocean. Together Ferdinand’s pod travelled very far. They swam through the ocean back and forth for very many miles. So many miles that it would take a boat at least 3 months to make the journey. Ferdinand felt like he knew all the different parts of the ocean. He knew the ice bergs, he had seen the islands, and the mist that covered his favorite shores. He knew where old boats lay on the bottom, and where tiger sharks swam, and where the seals and polar bears played. Ferdinand thought, “I have seen so much of the big blue ocean, I know how to get around and the best sight seeing.” Since Ferdinand was the smartest whale of all the pod, and told his family what he thought, sometimes his family would call him a ‘know-it-all’. This hurt Ferdinand’s feelings. Sometimes Ferdinand would feel bluer than the blue ocean. When Ferdinand told his Pod what to do or where to go he was only trying to be helpful. Poor Ferdinand, the big blue whale. Sometimes when Ferdinand talked, his pod would just swim the other way, and if they saw Ferdinand swimming toward them they would turn around. Nobody wanted to listen to Ferdinand. Ferdinand would be sad and start to cry, and he would blow his nose really big spray a big burst of water up into the air. One day, while the Pod was traveling to the colder water they saw a terrible thing. A big ship had crashed and there was black stuff all over the top of the water. The Pod had heard of this happening before. Other pod’s had gotten stuck underneath the oil and weren’t able to come up for breath. The stories had traveled through the ocean about all animals getting trapped in the oil. The whole pod was terrified. “Oh no!” they cried to each other, “What are we going to do?” Ferdinand was still feeling very blue. He hoped that his family would listen to him this time, because Ferdinand knew a way around the oil. Ferdinand said, “I know a way around this oil, it is very far out of our way, it will change our traveling course, but it will get us to the cold water all the same. I found out about it one day when I was swimming by myself. Follow me!” His pod followed Ferdinand and they all swam behind him. He was the pod’s leader now. The pod swam for many miles, and once they got past the black oil that covered the top of their water, the Pod cheered for Ferdinand, “Thank you Ferdinand, you knew what to do and where to go, and you saved our pod!” The members of Ferdinand’s family apologized for calling Ferdinand ‘know it all’ and making Ferdinand feel sad. Now Ferdinand leads the way on all of their trips, and Ferdinand does not feel as blue as his ocean anymore. If you travel by boat, you just may see Ferdinand and his pod swimming happily through the ocean. His pod always remembers how Ferdinand saved them the day the boat crashed and covered the water with oil.


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