Day 18

There lives a Flamingo named Frinnie. Frinnie has big pink feathers and a very long pink neck. Frinnie lives with a whole bunch of other flamingos, called a colony, in a lagoon. Where Frinnie lives with her colony is very beautiful, full of great big green leaves and aquamarine water. Frinnie plays everyday with her friends in the colony, but one thing that Frinnie wanted to learn to do was jump rope. Flamingos have very long legs which would make it easy for Frinnie to learn. Frinnie has two best friends, Frannie and Frango. Frannie and Frango were not as interested in learning a new hobby, but Frinnie knew it would be fun. Frinnie told Frannie and Frango to hold the jump rope in their beaks and make big circles with their heads, and when the rope went around Frinnie would jump over the rope. “We don’t quite understand why you want to do this Frinnie,” they said. “Well everyone needs a hobby!” said Frinnie. “ok, we’re going to turn the rope now! Get ready!” Frannie and Frango spun the rope in a great big circle, and Frinnie jumped. They spun the rope again. Frinnie jumped again. Jump, jump, jump, jumping faster and faster, Frinnie even began turning around when she jumped and crisscrossing her legs! “What a sight to see, a Flamingo jumping rope!” said one flamingo in their colony. “Hahaha,” Frannie, Frango and Frinnie could hear the laughter coming from the other birds in their colony, but they did not care one bit! Jumping rope was fun! Frango asked Frinnie if he could try to jump the rope. Frinnie said, “Yes of course Frango!” and she and Frannie, span the rope while Frango started jumping. Next it was Frannie’s turn to jump. She jumped rope great! The three flamingos were having so much fun, they put down the rope and began laughing together. Now the whole colony was having fun. The birds formed and line, and one by one all the flamingos learned to jump. They had such a fun day. Now the flamingos often ask Frinnie, Frango and Frannie to pull out their jump rope and so they can have fun jumping. Frinnie, Frango and Frannie brought a new fun activity to their colony and they love having such a fun hobby! They still live in their lagoon, and their lagoon is very hard to find. Only a few pictures in the world exist of the flamingos jumping rope. Their location is kept a secret by the wildlife photographers who know about these special flamingos. But they live happily together, having fun everyday and sometimes jumping rope!


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