Day 19

Once upon a time there was a sting-ray. His name was Anchor. Anchor was about 15 years old. Anchor lived in the Caribbean Sea. Anchor had heard about a concert that was going to come to the coral reef near him. He was so excited, it was his very favorite band, The Crustaceans, and they were going to perform live. “Wow! If I can only convince my parents to let me go to this concert!” thought Anchor. Anchor decided to ask his parents if he could go to the concert. His parents said, “Anchor you can go to the concert, just make sure you are home in time for dinner!” Anchor replied, “Great! Thanks so much mom and dad!” So Anchor began getting ready to go to the concert. When he got to the concert there were a whole bunch of other sea animals there, almost all the sting rays from his class were there, along with all the crabs and dolphins. A few of the marlins went to the concert too, and a ton of grouper fish were there. The concert was so fun and The Crustaceans were amazing, but all of the sudden came a big hungry shark! “Ahhhhh, swim for your lives!” some of the fish cried. There was panic and everyone was afraid. Swimming here and there, and in the middle The Crustaceans had grabbed all their instruments and were swimming as fast as they could away, but the shark was coming right for them. Anchor saw what was happening and darted through the water to help protect The Crustaceans. They were his favorite after all. He swam and got right in front of the shark and put his stinger out. The shark was mainly just hungry and did not want to fight with Anchor, so he swam the other way. “Whew, that was close!,” said the members of the Crustaceans, “Thank you so much for saving us!” “What is your name?” they asked Anchor. “My name is Anchor,” anchor replied. He was still a little afraid of getting in the way of that big shark. The shark had so many teeth, and they made Anchor’s stomach feel upset. He told the band that he was happy he saved them, but that his mom and dad had probably heard about what was happening at the concert and that they would be worried about him. “It was really great meeting you guys,” said Anchor and he swam home. When he got home he was not hungry for dinner, but he told his parents all about standing up to the shark and saving the band. Anchor’s parents told him how proud of him they were and said that they hoped he would always be so brave. Not very many other fish were as brave as Anchor. Anchor still gets afraid sometimes, but he knows now how to be brave, and does not ever let any sea monsters, sharks or anything else make him worry.

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