Day 20

Once upon a time there was a very tall grey castle. This castle was so tall and the tip top so very high that it towered above all the castles in the land. The princess lived in the room at the very top. This room had the highest window that looked out so far across the countryside and where she could see all the way across ocean. She watched everything that was going on outside everyday, and she would tell her mom the queen what she saw. She knew if boats were coming to shore, or if a farmers fields had been struck by lightning and caught fire. She knew when artisans came to town to sell their beautiful wares, their flowing dresses made of the finest linens and cottons, jewels and gorgeous oil paintings. She knew if there was a wedding party in the village, and she would watch all the people gather for the wedding party. When it was time for the bride and groom to drive away from the old town church, the princess saw all the townspeople cheer for them as the left their wedding to begin their happy lives together. The view was amazing from the very tip top of her castle and it kept her entertained, but she was very lonely. Because she was at the very top hardly ever did anyone climb up all the stairs to come see the princess. There were so many stairs in fact, that the last time that anyone had climbed all the way to the top, must have been when the castle was made. Her parents only came from halfway up. All the townspeople lived in the town and not in the castle and hardly any princesses ever came over. They avoided coming over all together in fact. It was almost 25 stories high which means that to get to the princess they would have to climb up almost 300 stairs! This is why the princess never had gone into the town, and never seen the ocean for herself, or spoken with the artisans and seen the markets or gone to a wedding. Climbing up all those stairs was almost impossible! But the princess knew she wanted to make some friends, and maybe one day meet a prince. She decided to climb down the 300 stairs. She was so scared, what if she got to the bottom and didn’t want to be in the town anymore? What if it smelled bad? Or the people were absolutely horrible and there was no reason to have come down in the first place? But the princess decided to try. She walked all the way down three hundred stairs! When she got to the bottom she went out and explored the town, and she had so much fun. The got to see the markets and the beautiful dresses not just the ones she had brought to her room. She saw beautiful artwork and she went to the old church. She decided that she would want to come back and maybe travel to see another castle. So she walked back to her tallest castle in all the kingdoms. She looked up at the tall grey tower and felt fear! “Three hundred steps how can I do this?” she thought. But she walked one by one. Plop, step, plop, step, plop. Step, step. The princess climbed and climbed and climbed. She climbed until she had to sit down, one hundred steps. She sat and sat. She watched the sun set through a window in the stairway. She got up and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed. Two hundred. But now she was really tired. She sat down and fell asleep. When she woke up she was in her bed in her very tallest room with the very highest window. Her parents, the king and queen, were seated in the chairs in her room. They asked her why she was trying to climb all the way to the top. She said she wanted to see the village. They scolded her for trying to go out alone, and told her they worried about her, but that if she was ready to begin going out that she would have to get a new bedroom much lower down in the castle. They said that if she was ready to go out in the town instead of looking she would have to give up her beautiful view. The princess agreed. Now the princess goes into and knows the townspeople. The townspeople love the princess very much and look forward to her being queen one day. She lives happily in a room that looks at the old church, but she visits town and the ocean sometimes where is it said by the townspeople that she and her prince take walks together. They look forward to the prince proposing marriage and to cheer the princess and prince together one day at the church when they wed.



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