Day 21

There was a little girl, named Harmony, who dreamed of traveling all the way around the world and finding a musical instrument that would make such a beautiful melody that it could be heard from one side of the world to the other. She told her school teacher about wanting to find the instrument. Harmony’s school teacher, Mrs. Jingle, who always wore jingle bell bracelets to school everyday, and taught a music circle during recess time, looked puzzled. Mrs. Jingle had been studying music her whole life and she had never heard of such a musical instrument. Mrs. Jingle sat down at her desk and called Harmony to come over, and Mrs. Jingle said to Harmony, “I have studied music for a very long time, and I cannot think of the musical instrument that you are talking about.” Harmony replied, “Mrs. Jingle, have you traveled around the entire world?” Mrs. Jingle said, “Of course not, but I think I would have heard of such an amazing instrument.” Harmony just shrugged and walked away. Harmony thought about her trip every night before she went to sleep. She drew pictures of her traveling far around the world when she was in school. Harmony paid very close attention when ever they got to learn about far away cities and the people that lived there. Harmony was sure that one day she would get to see the elephants and lions that roamed the safari in Africa. She wanted to play on the ice in the North Pole with the seals and penguins. She could not wait to climb the Great Wall of China and meet all the new people. Harmony decided she would learn Spanish, that way Harmony could talk to the people in the jungles when she visited South America. Harmony knew that she would see all the wonderful places she was learning about, and Harmony also knew that she wanted to find the beautiful musical instrument. Anytime she told anyone about the instrument, they only gave Harmony the same response as her teacher Mrs. Jingle. But Harmony knew that in all the world, there were so many new things to explore, how could anything not be possible? Harmony believed this with all her might. That the world was so full of incredible things, and she did not know a single person who had seen the whole world. So, no one could make Harmony believe that the instrument she dreamed of did not exist. Harmony studied every day, and she made a list of places that she wanted to go. Harmony taped her list on the wall, right next to her bed. Anytime Harmony thought of a new place she wanted to go she would write the name of the country or city onto her list. Harmony, who was very sure that anything was possible, started to travel the very next summer with her mother, father and brother. They traveled first to South America, where she spoke a little of the Spanish they had taught her at school with the people she met. The very next summer Harmony went to China. And then at Christmas, Harmony traveled to Africa and saw the lions and elephants in the safari. Each place Harmony went, she asked the people she met to show her their most beautiful musical instruments. Harmony was on a quest to find instrument of her dreams. She went to New Zealand, where she met some native people who had a great big musical instrument to show her. A long round stick with white painted markings, and they called it a Didgeridoo. It was beautiful, but it was not what she was looking for. Now Harmony travels the world, and she had not seen the whole world even yet, and she has been to a very many places. Harmony is very happy and has friends all over the world and she believes that once she has seen the entire world and has travelled everywhere that she will find her beautiful musical instrument. She does not listen to anyone who tells her anything to the contrary.

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