Day 22

Once upon a time there was a squirrel who lived deep in the forest. His name was Zoogie. Zoogie had so many squirrels who he collected nuts with. They collected the nuts from all over the forest. Then, they would take their nuts to their wives who made the nests tall in the trees. Everyday they went far and wide through the forest collecting nuts for the winter. They had to collect as many as they could, so that when winter came the squirrels would not have to worry about anything. Zoogie loved his job. He found so many interesting things in the forest. Rocks, branches, tunnels in the ground, caverns and streams. He ran around all day, until one day Zoogie got himself stuck. Zoogie was in the middle of picking up a few good nuts from underneath a hollow tree log when all the sudden a tree long fell down right on top of the log! Crash! Zoogie heard the noise so loud, that he had to cover his ears. Zoogie tried to run, but realized he could not get out of where he was. Everywhere Zoogie looked he was surrounded by trees. Zoogie was buried and trapped in the forest. Zoogie was worried. He did not know how long it would take for another collector to find him. What if no one found him? Zoogie started to cry out, “Can anyone hear me? I am trapped underneath these trees!” Zoogie listened, but he heard nothing. “Help me, I’m trapped inside this tree!” Zoogie cried out and cried some more to himself, but Zoogie did not hear any noises of another Squirrel coming to his rescue. It was beginning to get dark, and Zoogie was feeling more and more fearful. He wanted to get back to his safe nest in his tree top. Zoogie started to sniffle, when all the sudden he heard a crackle of leaves nearby. Zoogie cried out, “please help me,  I am stuck inside!” He heard more leaves and tree parts moving around him. All of the sudden Zoogie could move! He jumped up and ran around! “Thank you for rescuing me he cried!” And Zoogie grabbed up his nuts and ran all the way back to his tree where he climbed up the trunk and got into his best.  Zoogie was happy to be home and he learned to be safe and never look for nuts underneath hollow logs again.

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