Day 23

Once upon a time, there lived a dragon named Kergen, who had gigantic teeth. Kergen’s teeth were so big that they made him feel like an oddball. The other dragons, like Cruelgul, had teeth that looked like long daggers. Long dagger teeth were normal for most dragons, but not for Kergen. Kergen felt like an oddball because his teeth were big and fat and stuck out of the top of his mouth like the teeth of a rabbit. Some of the other dragons called Kergen ‘a bucktooth dragon,’ but they always said this in whispers. The thing about dragon whispers is that dragons are not very good at whispering. Even a dragon’s most quiet whisper makes quite a loud rumble. When Kergen heard the other dragons’ whispers about his teeth, Kergen felt quite odd indeed. Unfortunately for Kergen, there was not anything that he could do about the size or shape of his teeth, and no dentists were willing to get close to the mouth of a dragon. In the past, any dentists who tried to work on the teeth of a dragon had been incinerated by fireballs while pulling out dragon teeth. Kergen decided to go on a quest to find other dragons who also had big teeth. Kergen knew that he could not be the only dragon with big front teeth. Normally it is human people who go on quests and their quests often involve defeating a dragon, but actually, anyone can go on a quest and not all quests require fighting dragons. Kergen was ready to begin his quest, so he gathered up the things he would need along the way. Kergen collected three items to take with him, a map of the kingdoms, a bushel of oranges for vitamin C, and his scale polishing machine. These may sound like odd items to take with him, but dragons are known for caring too much about their appearances, and Kergen liked to make sure that his scales were always shining and reflected the sunlight. Off flew Kergen, his big dragon wings causing quite a large amount of dust to fly up in the air with him as he soared into the sky. Kergen flew and flew, he visited dragons far and wide. Many of the dragons were nice to Kergen and wished him well on his journey, a few did not want to be bothered with what they thought was a silly quest, and some were mean to Kergen, calling him names about his very big teeth. Kergen kept flying and finding more dragons. Kergen asked the dragons he met if they knew of any other dragons with big front teeth like his. Finally, one dragon told Kergen where he may find a dragon like him. This dragon lived alone, inside of a cave. He was very sad. This sad dragon’s name was Wraiden. Wraiden rarely left his cave, because, like Kergen, he did not want to hear the loud whispers of the other dragons. When Kergen arrived at Wraiden’s cave, Kergen stood in the entrance and called out, “Please come out and meet me, I want to be your friend.” Wraiden said, “No one wants to be friends with me,” and he did not budge from the back of his cave. Kergen could hear the sadness in Wraiden voice, but Kergen did not give up. “Come out friend, I assure you, I mean no harm.” Then Wraiden turned around his big teeth right in front of Kergen’s eyes. They were even bigger than Kergens! When Wraiden saw Kergen a big smile grew on his face, and Wraiden began to laugh. Wraiden laughed louder and louder and Kergen began to laugh too. Neither of the two dragons had ever seen another dragon with big front teeth. Wraiden said, “You have big teeth just like mine!” Kergen explained to Wraiden about his quest and told Wraiden how long his journey had been and that he wanted to find more dragons with teeth like them. Wraiden listened to Kergen, and then said, “I will join you on your quest, I have lived in this cave too long and it gets very lonely in here.” So off the two new friends flew, and eventually they found other dragons with big teeth too! Now Kergen and Wraiden had a big group of friends, and the group of oddball dragons no longer worried about the whispers of the other dragons. They began having fun and they were happy because they no longer felt alone. After a while, Kergen began his long journey home, but when Kergen got home he was stronger and happier than ever. Kergen did not feel like an oddball any longer because now Kergen knew that he had friends in the kingdoms like him. Some of his friends had even bigger teeth than his, like Wraiden. Kergen and his new friends lived happily from then on.



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