Day 24

Once upon a time there lived a little girl who loved to go to the zoo. Her mother loved her very much, and her mother decided to buy the whole zoo for her daughter so that they could go to the zoo together any time they wanted see any exhibit that they would like to see. Her mother had to go to work for a little while, because the city that she lived in was full of mischief makers. The little girls’ mother made a bunch of money, and made a promise to her daughter that from then on any time she wanted a zoo her mother would buy it for her and name a very special exhibit after her daughter. The panda exhibit, would from then on be named to honor her daughter and the sacrifice that she had made, giving up her time with her mother. Her daughter loved panda bears and so did her mother. Her mother promised that if they traveled anywhere and her daughter liked the zoo, that her mother would buy her the entire zoo and all the animals inside of the zoo. Her mother and her daughter had the most animals of all of her friends. All the people that had caused all the mischief would never have as many animals as them. All throughout the world people wished that they could have as many animals, but not a single other little girl had quite so many, especially not quite so many panda bears. The daughter and her mother enjoyed visiting their animals at the zoo. Whenever the girl went to the zoo she knew that her mother bought her the zoo, because she was the best mom in the whole entire world and she loved her daughter very much.

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