Day 25

Once upon a time there was a computer named Turner. Turner was a very special computer, because Turner could think all by himself. Turner lived in a house with his friend Homer. Homer was a boy who owned Turner. Turner had a very interesting life. Turner had been created in a factory with a lot of other computers, except that for some reason Turner was the only one who could think for himself. Turner loved to learn new things. Turner read new stories everyday and he read books all the time. Reading was Turner’s favorite thing to do, but Homer did not like to read. Turner tried to get Homer to read new things, but Homer was more interested in playing video games. Turner picked out some of the very best books for Homer to read. Some books that Turner picked were about animals, and some were about the ocean. Turner wanted to get Homer interested in reading. Turner picked out some of the best books about Math that there were. Even though Turner could think, he did not quite understand why Homer did not want to read the most interesting books in the world about Math. Turner tried to think, hummmmmm, hermmmm, think think think. Turner decided to suggest a science fiction book to Homer. It was interesting, and the story was about a knight who lived in a far away land and rode into battle to protect his land from dragons and other fire-breathing creatures. The book told about how this knight fell in love with a princess and vowed to protect her and her kingdom from an evil king and his army of villains and ogres. Homer decided to read the book. “Good job this time Turner,” Homer said. Homer read and read. His room was actually quiet, Homer did not play video games for two whole days, until he had finished the entire book that Turner suggested. Homer was surprised at how fun reading was. Homer learned a whole bunch of new words too. Turner thought that this was great. Turner searched his databases and found a whole bunch of other science fiction books that Homer would like. Homer began to read one book and then another. Book after book after book. Homer was reading more than ever now! Homer’s teachers and his parents were all very surprised and happy. This is great, they all thought and so did Turner. Homer was happy too. Turner turned out to be the best book selector ever, and Homer turned into the best reader. Homer got the highest grades in his classes, and Turner suggested new, interesting, and exciting books. Turner and Homer became the best of friends and Homer was always thankful to Turner for showing him how fun reading is.

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