Day 26

Once upon a time there was a little bird. This little bird was a robin, and her name was Finn. Finn loved to wake up very early. All of the other robins got up early as well. In the morning, all the birds were hungry and wanted to eat breakfast. Robin’s usually ate worms for breakfast. Before the sun came up each morning Finn would stretch out her wings very wide, and sit up in her nest and look out into the dark. Even though the sun had not woken up yet, Finn knew that it was morning. One day, Finn overslept. Finn did not wake up before the sun, and she did not wake up when the sun got up either. Finn slept so late that it was almost midday before she was even awake. Finn was tired, but she did not know why. Finn was not feeling so well either. Her stomach was rumbly and her wings were tired and achy. Finn decided to take her temperature. Finn found out she had a high temperature, and when she was awake so late, and her stomach was rumbling, Finn knew that she was sick. “Ouch,” thought Finn, “I do not want to be sick.” So Finn decided to stay in her nest for a while. She nestled into her home, and she did not fly out of her nest for two whole days. Finn slept and slept. Finally Finn started to feel better. Finn flew around a little and her tummy did not rumble as much. She spent her whole afternoon coasting through the air. That night Finn thought to herself, “I know I am going to feel better tomorrow.” And the next morning Finn woke up before the sun was up, early in the dark morning. Finn got out of bed and flew to the ground where she grabbed up the best worm she could find. She took her worm back to her nest, where she had a great big breakfast. Finn felt much better and every day from then on she was up early getting her big worms for breakfast and flying through the air during the day.

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