Day 27

There lived a queen named Isabella. She had a special power. Isabella could look out over her whole kingdom and find the people who were the very best at anything. She could find these people when they were just little babies. Isabella kept very good watch over her kingdom and when she looked out of her window and saw a new baby with an amazing talent, queen Isabella would make a trip to the home of the baby. When Isabella got to the home of the baby, who was born with a special talent for greatness, Isabella would reach out and bless the baby in the name of her kingdom. Isabella would say to the parents of the child, “Your child is a blessing, I can see even now that she will grow to be an amazing painter, Bless her gifts to grow for our Kingdom, so all of us may see her beautiful artwork.” Or if Isabella found a baby boy who would one day grow up to be an amazing cook, Isabella would journey to the home of the little one and say, “Your child is a blessing, I can see even now that he will grow to be an amazing chef, Bless his gifts to grow for our Kingdom, so all of us may try the delicious food he cooks.” Isabella could find the talents in all the children and they were told by the queen how special they would be at one thing or another. In the kingdom when the queen came to the home and blessed the child to be great in the kingdom, the parents would then raise the child to study in the schools to cultivate their talent. If queen Isabella told the parents that their son would be a wonderful chef, then the boy’s parents would be required to send their son to culinary school. If queen Isabella told the parents of a baby girl that she would be a beautiful ballet dancer, then the baby girl’s parents would enroll her in dance lessons as soon as she could walk. This was how the kingdom grew to thrive and have the best cooking, and the best art that filled museums and lined the walls of the castle. People would come from far and wide to see the ballet dancers perform their shows and the gardens that had the most gorgeous flowers in all of the lands. Here the people were nourished by the best fruits and vegetables that the talented farmers grew to sell in the markets. The land was peaceful and thriving. Everything was going well, until one day a mysterious man in a cape, who had a very long beard and caravan of men with him drove their wagons into the kingdom in search of the queen Isabella. He seemed to be of great importance so the generous queen agreed to meet with the man. Isabella offered him to stay in her castle’s guest houses and agreed to have the man and his company to eat with her and her court at dinner. The meal was prepared from the best fruits and vegetables, and the it smelled like the most delicious food you have ever smelled in your entire life. Everyone in Isabella’s court was interested to see who the traveling man was, who brought with him wagons and a group of men. Isabella thanked her court for attending the honorary dinner, and gave her compliments to her chef. Isabella wore the most beautiful gown and luxurious furs, and her shining gold crown, and she said to her guest, “We are happy to have you here, please eat from our table and enjoy dining with us this evening. Please introduce yourself to our court and tell us of why you have made your journey.” The man stood up and his long grey beard almost reached the floor, and his green cape shown like emeralds around the dining hall. He drew a deep breath and exhaled, and as he did a green smoke came out of his mouth and flew into the face of the Queen. He said not one word, but after he exhaled, he and his men disappeared, leaving Isabella’s court in an uproar. But above the questioning court, and the gasps of her friends, Isabella’s piercing scream could be heard. “I’m blinded!” said the queen, and she fell on the floor in great sadness, covering her eyes. Her knights rushed to her side, and the castle doctor was called. Try as they might even the best doctors in her kingdom could not figure out what had happened to their queen. Isabella ordered that the identity of the caped man be immediately found and a group of her best soldiers were made ready to go search far and wide to discover the identity of the man. Isabella sat in her castle blinded for months, awaiting word from her men about the identity of the green caped man. Isabella’s men had been searching the surrounding kingdoms, asking anyone they met for clues to the where to find this evil man. Poor queen Isabella, worried everyday about her kingdom, and feared that she would never see again. Finally one of her soldiers, who had stopped at an inn for the night, heard a group of men talking about the caped man. The soldier alerted his guard and they surrounded the group of men at the table. The soldiers ordered the group to give up the identity of the caped man, and that the group tell them how to fix the eyesight of their beloved queen. The men finally told them that the caped man was very difficult to find. They said he lived much further than any of the soldiers had ever traveled before, in a land of mystery, a land where evil people were everywhere. The soldiers were nervous about making this far journey, but their love for their queen inspired them to find their courage. The sent one of their soldiers back to the queen with word that they had found the man they were searching for. The rest of her men, armed themselves for battle, because they did not know what they would find when they found this caped man. They traveled for days, and meanwhile queen Isabella prayed for her men to have courage and find the caped man and give her back her sight. Each day the soldiers journeyed closer to the location of the man, the road became darker and more troublesome. The group became more fearful, and worried, but finally they arrived. They found the caped man, and put in him chains and threw him in a cage they had brought with them to serve as a jail cell. They sat around him that evening, all protected their faces with masks to keep from being blinded by the green smoke. They told the man their queen was blinded that they must get back her vision. The man, opened his mouth wide, and out came a small girlish voice, “why do you want to help your queen?” the green caped man said. “We love our queen and will serve her until the day we die, she has known her kingdom since we were babes, and knows our strengths and encourages us in our work. She is most loved in our country and who are you to question us about our love for our queen. Why have you blinded our beloved queen Isabella? The answer is of no importance to us, because regardless of however you answer our question you must reverse your evil magic and return the sight to our queen.” The green caped man spoke again, “I come to question the kings and queens of the countries. I live in an evil land, full of wrongdoers. It is my job to make sure that they Kings and Queens of the kingdoms are most loved by their people for being good to their people and are not ruling through trickery or magic. If you had come to me and your queen was using magic to trick you into loving her, the magic would not work here, only your true feelings toward your queen can be shown in my land. Because you have made your journey in truth, to defend your queen, I will grant her back her vision. But you will never come back to this evil place again. You will never know how to find the green caped man.” Instantly the soldiers were back in Queen Isabella’s castle. They heard Isabella joyfully talking with her court. “I can see!” the queen said, happily. The queen was grateful to soldiers who made the journey to return her vision, and she had a great feast prepared for them. Queen Isabella created a special ceremony for her soldiers and all of the kingdom was in attendance. Queen Isabella knighted each of the men, and gave them their own horses and all new homes, and each a bag of gold for their families. All of the kingdom rejoiced for their queen. Isabella ruled for many, many years and her kingdom was the most beautiful and prosperous one in all the lands. The kingdom and queen Isabella lived together in peace and happiness and never feared for the green caped man.

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