Day 29

Once upon a time there was a beautiful city in the middle of a great big forest. The city was the most amazing place in the whole world, but it was very difficult to get to, or to get out of, because of the forest that surrounded it. One day a baker decided that she wanted to bake a very big cake for her sons birthday. The baker’s son had just finished his school year and graduated passing all of his classes with the highest honors. The baker went to the store to get some of the ingredients that she would need, but when she got to the store the man told her that they did not have the flour, or the eggs, or even the sugar in stock. “How was she going to make a cake for her son’s graduation?” she thought. The baker was very upset, because she knew that she would have to travel out of the city, through the forest, if she wanted to get the eggs, sugar and flour that she needed for her cake. the baker decided that she would make the trip through the forest. She was nervous, because she had never been out of her city. But the baker knew that people did go through the forest to get things for the market and for the stores inside of the city. So she packed a very small suitcase and began walking. She walked and walked. Over stumps and ducking under great big tree limbs. She jumped from rock to rock even though they were covered with moss and some were slippery. She saw all different kinds of forest animals that she had never seen before. Deer, squirrels, birds, foxes and frogs. She saw a good amount of frogs living inside the forest, and a lot of squirrels. But they were all very busy and did not pay any attention to the baker. Finally, after three whole days the baker got out of the forest and was only one mile away from the next town where she would find a store that sold the ingredients she would need to bake her cake. She went into the town and found the store and she purchased the flour, eggs and sugar. The baker packed them very carefully in her napsack for her trip back to her beautiful city. She was a little worried that the eggs could get broken during her journey back, but she packed them very carefully so they would not fall or get smashed while she walked.  Fortunately for the baker, her eggs did not get broken during her three day trip back to her city. Once the baker arrived home, she began baking her cake. She made the most wonderful cake that surely anyone had ever seen. This cake was the best cake on earth. She decorated the cake with bright blue icing and wrote a sweet message to her son right on top of the cake. After the baker finished the cake, it took her 2 whole days, she put it in a box to take with her to her sons graduation party. When she got to the party, her son was very busy with all of his friends. He refused to try the cake that his mother had made. Now, her son did not know this about his mother, but she has some special magical powers, but she never used them, because she did not have time to use them. Magic takes a lot of time and energy and the baker would rather spend her time baking cakes. But the poor baker had been traveling for 6 days and baking for two, and she decided that magic would not take very much time compared to her whole time she spent journeying through the forest and making the cake, so she decided to teach her son a lesson about not eating cake that his mother made him specially for his graduation. The baker cast a spell on her son turning him right into a tree frog. Her son was a tree frog in the forest for 14 days. Two weeks her son spent as a tree frog, and then he turned back into a human, and his mother greeted him at the side of the forest, and said, “you spent all this time learning from the best professors in all the world, if none of them could teach you any manners, I hope that being a tree frog did.” and the bakers son, apologized to his mother and said, “I will not be so rude mother, I am sorry, I’d rather you be a baker instead of a tree frog maker,” and they both lived happily ever after.


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