Day 30

Once upon a time there was a gloomy giant named Gumdrop. Gumdrop was gloomy because he had never been to Georgia. Gumdrop lived in a place called Geneva, which is all the way in Switzerland. One day Gumdrop grumbled, “Oh I am gloomy all the time and tired of grinning at people when all I want to do is grumble about how I want to go to Georgia.” Gumdrop’s friend Greg, who was also a giant, said, “Yes, I want to get out of Geneva too and go to America with you. Did you know that there is a sports team in New York that has all giant players? They are the New York Giants!” “No,” said Gumdrop, “All I watch is people gallivanting through the mountains here, and not very many of them are giants anyway.” Greg said, “If I go to Georgia with you, can we go to New York and watch their team of giants play football?” Gumdrop agreed to go with Greg to New York after they left Georgia. The next day Greg told Gumdrop that their flights were booked and that they would land on the ground in Atlanta, Georgia at two o’clock on Tuesday. So Gumdrop and Greg took their flight from Geneva to Georgia and when they landed on the ground, Gumdrop was suddenly not feeling so gloomy. Gumdrop began to feel glad. Gumdrop and Greg went all around Georgia and explored everywhere. The two took a lot of photographs of each other and in the pictures both Gumdrop and Greg were really grinning. Then they decided to go to New York to watch the Giants play football. When they got off their flight and were on the ground, they both felt glad. Gumdrop and Greg had their tickets and got to the game early. When the game started they did not see any giants! Greg felt gloomy, and he said to someone small in the seat next to Gumdrop, “Excuse me little one, where are all of the giants?” The small person looked confused and said, “The Giants are right there playing the football game. You must be confused, the team name is ‘The Giants’ and the players are not actually ginormous like you.” “Oh,” said Greg, “Well this is not great.” But all of the sudden the Giants scored a touchdown and the stadium of people let out a gigantic yell. Everyone was excited and happy. Greg and Gumdrop began to grin. They were having fun now. They finished the game and had such a great time that now anytime the New York Giants play a football game Greg and Gumdrop always go!


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