Day 31


Once upon a time there was a moose named Dingy and he lived in the snow. Every morning Dingy woke up and rubbed his eyes and walked out of the forest and into the field. He was excited to play in the snow and could not wait to have fun all day long. Snow was soft and sometimes it fell from the sky all day long and would sit right on top of his fur. Dingy did not mind the snow, he thought it felt lovely and he could not feel if it was cold because he always wore a coat of warm fur. Dingy walked far and he walked near, he foraged for food, and drank the water at the stream. Then the sun would begin to set and Dingy knew it was time to go to bed. So Dingy walked near to the trees and found a nice place to sleep for the night. Dingy yawned very big, and he closed his sleepy moose eyes and went to sleep, and dreamed of his favorites things.

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