Day 32

Once there lived a sweet toad name Tong. Who hopped near and far, here and there, high and low. Tong jump up one way and then he jumped another. Sometimes Tong jumped right in the middle of a puddle and the water splashed up all around him, but Tong kept jumping, and he let out a great big noise that sounded like a riiiibbbbbiiiiittt. Almost all the other animals could hear his noise, even a few fish jumped up into the air. They jumped up high and dove back into the water. Tong liked to sit all day sometimes he would sit all day, and riiiiibbbbbiiiittt and croooooaaackkkk. He was nice to the other frogs and the other toads, and when his loud ribits would scare the fish into jumping out of the water and into the air, he may call out, “I’m sure sorry you guys, riiiiibbbbbiiiitttt” after Tong jumped all day long, he liked to find a nice lily pad, a big green round one to get right on top of. He would get on top of that lily pad and rub his eyes and croak a few croaks, Tong was ready to go to sleep. He closed his big toad eyes and went to bed.


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