Day 33

Once upon a time there was a magic flower who lived in the forest. Fluna was the most beautiful flower in all of the forest and she had a lot of friends who were also beautiful flowers. They lived in the middle of the forest and they loved to sing. In the morning they woke up and trumpeted and sang out that they were so happy to see each other. They sang back and forth and louder and louder, until…a giant girl came jumping through the forest, looking for flowers! They did not want to leave their forest, but the girl yanked them right out of the ground. She kept jumping and the flowers were so nervous that they stopping their singing. They held each other by the stems and leaves and hoped they could go home. But their roots were up, what were they going to do? They stayed together in the hands of the girl, until… They came to a great big house, the girl went up to the big house and knocked on the door. Bang bang bang, her mother came to the door, and she said, “mother I brought you some tulips!” Her mother was happy and smiling, but the flowers were so tired and thirsty. They were handed to her mother who put them into a vase full of water! The flowers we so excited, the opened their mouths and sang! They only sang a little while, because they were exhausted from worry. When the sun went down and the mother and littler girl went to bed they told each other, now it is time to rest, we can sing together in the morning. They wrapped their petals around them, and closed their eyes and went to sleep for the night until the morning when they would wake up and open their petals and be ready to sing again.


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