Day 34


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Katie. Katie lived in a great big house in very middle of the city. Inside her great big house was a great big table and on the table was a tea set. Everyday Katie loved to have tea parties. At her tea parties Katie had a lot of yummy food, like biscuits, scones with blueberries, and fruits like Strawberries and raspberries. She love to invite her best friends, like her bear named Talley, her elephant named Fred and her ballerina named Amelily. One day Katie decided to invite her mom to tea with her. Katie was really excited and she told her friends to be on their best behavior. When her mom came to tea everything went well except that Amelily spilled her tea on the table and Katie’s mom had to wipe the spilled tea off of the great big table. Katie told her mom that she would invite her next time she had tea. So Katie decided that from then on she would always invite a special guest to tea, and Katie from that day one began having the best tea parties in the whole city. For years and years everyone who knew Katie tried to get a special invitation to one of her tea parties. Katie lived happily ever after throwing parties until she was old and died.

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