Day 35

The once was a dog named Cheshire, who loved to run around. He ran everywhere. Cheshire would run from one side of the room to the other. Cheshire was a greyhound and he was so fast that he used to be the fastest dog at the dog races. Cheshire would win all the races that he entered. Inside Cheshire’s dog house he kept all of the awards he had won. Cheshire’s best friend was a horse and his name was Ted. Ted was also very fast and he used to run so fast that he won awards in races too. They lived in the country where there was lots of room to run around. Sometimes they would run next to each other. But by the end of the day they were so sleepy that they would have to lay down and let themselves get some sleep. So Cheshire would go into the house and go to his great big fluffy bed and yawn a great big yawn and fall asleep. And Ted the horse would go to the barn and get under his blanket and neigh one more neigh and then he would fall fast asleep.


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