Day 36

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Alf, who really wanted to fly in a hot air balloon. He really liked hot air balloons, because of their pretty colors  and how they flew high up into the air. He wanted to fly across the country side with his parents and have a picnic lunch. Alf was about to turn 7 years old. On the morning of his birthday, Alf’s parents told him that they had a great big surprise planned for his birthday! They told Alf that they were going to take him on a hot air balloon ride. He was so excited! He could not wait to go into the hot air balloon. When they got inside the hot air balloon, his parents had a picnic there, and inside the basket were all of Alf’s favorite foods, they had peanut butter sandwiches, Oreo yogurt cups, and apples and cookies. They flew all over the countryside and then they went home. When Alf went to bed that night he remembered all of the fun things that they had done.


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