Day 37

Once upon a time there was a giant circus bear named Teddy. Teddy was one of the very favorites of all the animals that worked in the circus. Teddy had a lot of friends. He was friends with the dancing lion, named Leno, and the friendly spider named Stardust. Teddy and Scaredy, the elephant were the best of friends and even though Scaredy had to pretend to be afraid of Nemo the mouse in their shows, Teddy and Scaredy were also best friends with Nemo. Teddy had a lot of fun performing at the circus, and meeting new people and traveling all over the country. One day Teddy lost his hat, and try as he might, Teddy could not find it. Teddy was sad, because he had lost his only hat. Teddy usually wore his hat everyday. Teddy thought that when they packed up their tents and all of their things to move to the new circus location, he must have left his hat. Teddy was not sure, so he asked his friends to help him find his hat. Teddy asked Leno the lion, but Leno was too busy practicing his new dance moves and he told Teddy that he should take better care of his things. Then Teddy asked Stardust the spider and even though she was friendly, she was busy painting her nails. Teddy knew that if Stardust was painting her nails that she would be busy all day long. Stardust always complained to Teddy on the days she painted her nails about how long it takes to paint your nails when you have eight arms and legs! Then Teddy found Scaredy the elephant and Nemo the mouse. They were busy preparing for their show. Scaredy was practicing running around while Nemo was pretending to chase him. Teddy sat down, he had looked everywhere and no one had time to look anywhere else. Teddy decided it was time to buy a new hat. Teddy went to the circus store and looked at all the different hats. Some were big with feathers, but performing bears do not wear feather hats, so he kept looking. He found hats with sequins, but he did not want to look girly. He looked at hats with bright colors, but they were too big and made for clowns. Finally, in the back of the store, he found a hat that was perfect for him. A little red hat with a bright gold tassel attached to the top. Teddy bought the hat, and that night Teddy felt great. Teddy had not worn such a handsome new hat in a very long time. After his show all his friends gathered around him and complimented him on his new hat. That night Teddy put his hat on his dresser and went to sleep excited to wear his new hat the very next day.


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