Day 38

In a far away Galaxy, over the Little Dipper and under the Milky Way, lived a small star named Kooeway. Kooeway was in charge of creating light for a little group of space people named The Kreegfids. The Kreegfids were an unusual group of space people who had a lot of interesting behaviors. The Kreegfids created really interested space travel ships, but once they created the ships they would park them in strange places around the Galaxy. Once they parked their space travel ships they would pay each other in moon coins to see who could find them. They would spend three or four space days, which is a very long time, traveling in large circles looking for the ships. The Kreegfids also tried to make odd shaped food to sell for moon coins. They would make Milky Way chips that were in pyramid shapes or Martian cookies in the shape of triangles. The more interesting shapes the Kreegfids could create the more moon coins they would sell their food for. Kooeway the star had fun creating the light for the Kreegfids even though he thought they were weird. Kooeway was always interested in what the Kreegfids were doing. One day Kooeway decided to give the Kreegfids a special gift. He created special boxes of light in interesting shapes to give each of the Kreegfids. The Kreegfids were so excited that their star had given them a present that they had a big walk. The walked here and there shouting to Kooeway and waving they boxes of light. It was so beautiful that all the other space people in the other galaxies could see the boxes of light moving here and there. Every one was happy, because of what a nice star Kooeway was. The whole galaxy was aglow. For many moonyears the Galaxy remember Kooeways generous gift to the Kreegfids.


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