Day 39

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was nervous about going to school. This little girl’s name was Ginger. She had never gone to school before and did not know what school was going to be like. Her mom told her that she was probably going to have a lot of fun and that she would like school. But Ginger was still nervous about school. On the night before her first day, her mom picked out her very favorite outfit to wear. Her father told her about his first day of school and that he had a nice teacher named Mrs. Plum, who gave the whole class cookies on the first day which is why he decided to go back the next day. Ginger’s father told Ginger that she would probably have a nice teacher too. The next day while Ginger was getting ready for school a fairy appeared in her room. She was so surprised to see the fairy who had on lots of pink and had wings and a big tiara on her head and even a magic wand. The fairy asked Ginger if Ginger had any wish that could happen during her first day of school that would make the day better. Ginger was so surprised that she could not think of something that great so she just said she would like to see a Barbie movie. Well, then all the sudden POOF the fairy disappeared! Ginger thought that the fairy must have made Mrs. Plum have cookies there on her fathers first day. Ginger had never heard about the first day of school fairy, but she supposed some kids just made wishes, and that the first day fairy must not visit every single kid. Ginger thought she was probably like Santa, some kids just must write down a list or something and the fairy showed up because Ginger had forgotten to write down her list. So then Ginger was more excited about going to school. Ginger’s mom drove her to school, and when Ginger got to school, she saw some of her friends! Ginger was happy, because that made her feel a little better. Ginger met her teacher and she was nice too. They talked about colors and read a few books, then all of the sudden the teacher asked if anyone would like to watch a Barbie movie before nap! Ginger raised her hand and smiled when she thought about her first day of school fairy. After the movie they took a nap and then she had her lunch and then played a game with her friends. Then she went home. Her mom asked her how her first day went and she was so happy. Ginger said she had a lot of fun and from then on Ginger loved going to school.


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