Feather Buys a Bicycle

Feather Buys a BicycleDay 40

Once upon a time there was a little chicken named Feather. Feather really wanted to go buy a new bicycle from the store. But feather did not know where there was a bicycle store for a chicken. So feather decided to ask all his friends. They told him they did not care about riding bicycles and they did not understand why Feather wanted a bike. Feather said he wanted a bicycle so he could exercise and grow big and strong and get all the way to the beach. None of the other chickens cared about going to the beach, but feather heard that being a chicken on a beach is a great way to live. So then Feather decided that he would not buy a bike and that he would learn to fly instead. He learned to fly and flew to a beach and feather lived happily ever after.


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