Day 42

Once upon a time there was a starfish named Sprinkle who only had four arms. She wished that she had five arms like all of the other starfish. Sprinkle did not feel beautiful. She did not understand why she only had four arms when all of her friends and family had five. Sometimes she cried, because she did not feel like she fit in. “Please do not be sad Sprinkle, your beauty does not come from your arms. Your beauty comes from your soul.” Sprinkle asked her mother how anyone would see her soul, “everyone can see my arms mom, they can see that I don’t have the right amount, they cannot see my soul.” Sprinkle’s mother told her that for her friends to see her true sparkling beautiful soul she must show them that she had a beautiful soul, by doing nice things for her friends. “By showing your friends the good things you do for them and for yourself, be being a true friend, and being kind to strangers, by loving your friends and family, you will show your soul, and once your friends see your soul they will no longer look at your legs. Who wants to look at your legs if your soul is much more beautiful and interesting?” Sprinkle decided that she would take her mothers advice and every day she began doing nice things for her friends. She listened to them when they were sad, she helped them with things they needed, she made them presents, and let them know she cared. Each day her friends began to see her soul. Her soul became so beautiful to everyone around her that no one even saw her legs anymore. Only her soul shined through the ocean. Her mother saw Sprinkle smiling one day and asked her if she could feel her beauty. Sprinkle replied, yes mother I can feel my beautiful soul so strongly that I cannot feel my missing leg any longer, and I can not feel the sadness for myself over my leg either. Sprinkle’s mother laughed to herself and said “no one wanted to look at your leg anyway Sprinkle, it is what is inside that counts.” Sprinkle learned a very important lesson from her mother, and she never worried about missing her part, she had become beautiful without it.


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