Day 43

Once upon a time there was a boy named Christopher who wanted to run in a race. Christopher had never run a race before, but he watched the Olympic runners on television and thought that they were the most amazing people in the world. Christopher was not sure about where to run his race. So he asked his father to help him come up with a race. Christopher and his father decided that they would make the race route at their local park. His father brought some bright yellow banner tape to tie between two trees, and he also brought a timer to see how fast Christopher could run. The first time Christopher tried to run the race, he was very slow. But his father told him a story about a slow turtle and a really fast rabbit. His father said that the turtle went very slowly, but he did not get tired and was able to finish the race. But the rabbit ran so fast that he was too tired to finish the race. His rather told him that this story is a good story for boys trying to learn to run races. The boy decided that he would take his father’s advice even though it was about a turtle and a rabbit. So everyday Christopher and his father went to the park, and each day he ran from one side of the field to where the yellow banner tape was, he started to get faster and faster. Christopher noticed that his time got better each day. One day his father surprised him and told Christopher that he was going to be in the race that the local church was having in his neighborhood. Christopher was very excited. On race day he wore a jersey of his very favorite Olympic racer. When the race began Christopher remembered the story about the slow turtle and ran very slowly the how way, he noticed that everyone was passing him, but he decided to make sure to run like the slow turtle. As they were getting to the finish line Christopher noticed that everyone else was not stopping like the rabbit in the story. They were crossing the finish line. Christopher came in last place. He started to cry and told his father that his story about the turtle was stupid. His father told Christopher, that the story was not meant to be taken literally and tried to explain to Christopher that sometimes stories are meant to be listened to and then used for advice. His father told him that this is called finding the moral of a story. Christopher kept running races and eventually he understood the story about the rabbit and the turtle, now whenever Christopher hears a story he knows he has to think about what the story is telling him, not copy what the characters are doing exactly and he lived happily ever after.


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