Day 44

Once upon a time there was an apple who lived at the top of a very tall apple tree. The apple tree had been living on the farm for a long time, and because the tree was so old it had been growing taller and taller every year. When this particular apple was born he was born very close to the top of the branches and inside all the high up leaves. He grew up for a long time at the top. All the other apples would look up and chatter about how much higher this apple lived then the rest of them. Well every apple knew that after they grew up they would be picked by the farmers, and if they did not get picked in time they would fall down down down right until they hit the ground. Sometimes the farmers would pick them up, but some of the apples who fell down to the ground never did get picked up by a farmer. The apples who fell to ground whined, and called up to the apples on the tree, saying I wish I’d gotten picked it is no fun to fall down on the ground. So it happened that this apple knew from all the apples that if he fell he would fall very far and he hoped that a farmer would pick him. One day this apple looked out above the apple trees and saw the farmers walking with their baskets towards the tree. “The farmers are coming” he cried out. He wished they would pick him. The ladders we put up against the tree, and a suddenly a great big hat was right next to the apple. Then a big hand grabbed him wrapping big fingers around his belly. He had been picked! The apple knew that he did not have to worry about the fall, all his worry was for no reason. Inside the basket with the other apples, he was carried away from his home in the tree. He was very happy and looked forward to life off of the apple tree.


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