Day 45

There once was a Pelican named Wing. Wing had lived by the ocean all of his life. He was bored of living by the ocean. He felt like there must be some much more interesting places inland. Wing had never to the mountains and he had definitely never been to the desert. Sometimes when Wing sat on the docks he listened to the fishermen talk about where they were from and the stories that they told about going to waterfalls. Wing thought that the stories about waterfalls were the most interesting of all. One day Wing decided to sneak into the back of a truck that was stocked with fish. He was determined to see a waterfall. When the truck driver had driven very far and came to a stop, Wing flew out of the back of the truck grabbing some fish for his journey. When Wing flew into one of the nearest towns he asked a few of the land birds for directions to a waterfall. One of the land birds told him that there was one not too far away, and told him how to get to it. Wing flew as fast as he could, so fast that he was able to get to the waterfall by sundown. When Wing go to the waterfall he thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Instead of the water crashing repeatedly against the shore, the water was falling straight down into a beautiful pool of water. Wing had a lot of fun flying around the waterfall, but decided that he wanted to go back to the beach. He flew back the whole way home, and when he got there he told all of his friends about the beautiful waterfall. He decided to start his own travel agency, and he made a list of all the beautiful places he wanted to go. Wing became the most successful Pelican travel agent in the whole seashore and he lived happily ever after.


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