Day 46

Once upon a time there was a very magical star. This magical star would grant the wish of anyone who wish upon the magical star. The one problem was that some people wished for some very strange things, that is, if they could find the magical star. The first thing a person had to do was to find the star in order to make their wish. This was not easy, because the star lived in a very special universe that was outside of the galaxy. The way people could find the star to make a wish was to find the special telescope which was located in at the top of a very tall tower in the middle of a very distant land. But people did find this telescope. When they go to the telescope they had to bellow very loudly, so that the star who was very far away could hear. Now there was a problem, because one day a person standing in the tower wished that everyone knew where the telescope was. Now the star usually granted every wish, but he could not grant a wish for more wishes and this wish was technically a wish for more wishes. So the star said “YOU MUST MAKE A DIFFERENT WISH” but the person refused, so the star said, “YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED” Then the next time that the people came to the tower to look into the telescope, there was a guard standing outside, and this guard said, “WHAT IS THE PASSWORD?” So now if anyone wants to make a wish they must know the secret password.


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