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Day 48


There once was a space rock who decided to come to earth. He made a very long journey just to come to earth. He crashed into the earth because space rocks have a very hard time stopping. Once he arrived he had to had to sit for a long time until he got to meet people. The first people the space rock met were the neighbors. They seemed nervous about greeting him for the first time, because they had never seen a space rock before. The neighbors walked over to the space rock and said hi. They looked at him for a long time and then they decided to introduce him to a few more people. These people were the town officials. They were more excitable and they also brought with them the journalists. The journalists decided to take pictures of the rock and the other people in front of him. They made him feel very important. Then it was time for the space rock to go with some other people and see the rest of earth. These people were the scientists. They arranged a ride in their cars for the space rock and they took him to a very big office and gave him a home. His new home was on a great big shelf inside a a museum. They even gave him a job. At his new job he met a whole bunch of new people who came to see him every day. The space rock stayed in the museum and lived happily ever after.

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