The Princess Who was Afraid to Party

Day 69

Once upon a time there was a great big birthday party planned for a special princess. Well this princess was very happy to be having a birthday party but she was also nervous because she had never had a big birthday party before. The princess usually spent her birthday traveling the countryside and picking out dresses with her mother the queen. But on this birthday, her 7th birthday, the princess was going to have the first birthday party with all of the other princesses and friends. Her mother had been so busy getting ready. Gathering all the food and the preparing the decorations and all the things she had to do for the party that she did not notice that the princess was so nervous and sitting in her room alone. Finally it was the time of the party and the princess was still sitting in her room. The queen went to find the princess because every one had already arrived and were waiting for the princess. When the queen found the princess she asked her what was wrong and the princess explained that she had never been to a big party before and she did not know if she wanted to go. Well her mother realized she had been to busy, so she said, “all the time we are doing new things, this is what makes life happy and fun this is what is called memories.

“When you remember something really fun a lot of times you tried something new. Tell me about a time you tried something new and had fun,”

so the princess thought about it and she began to smile, she said

“the other night the chef made the most marvelous dinner and I had never tried it before, and it was good”

so she princess got up and said,

“now I am ready to go to my birthday party!”

and the queen and the princess went to the most wonderful birthday party ever.


What a Terrible Day

Day 68

Once upon a time there was a mother who had to use a computer to work on everyday. The computer did not work very well and there was hardly ever any ink in the printer. It was so annoying to try to use the computer to do her work. The computer was constantly crashing and if she tried to do things that she needed to do she could barely get them done. So she decided not to finished the work she was working on and instead she watched a webinar and then ate dinner and watched the political campaigns. And then she was very tired and went to sleep.

The Man who Planted Gifting Trees

Day 67

Once upon a time there was a great big circle in the middle of the forest where no trees grew. A lot of times people met in the circle from all different places to talk about things that were going on in their villages. One day in the middle of their meeting a strange man appeared. No one knew who the stranger was, and he was dressed in old clothes and carried a big bag over his shoulder. The stranger asked if he could have a chance to speak to the town. Reluctantly, the circle master said yes. The stranger stood in the middle of the circle and plopped down his bag. Out of the bag the man pulled a white dove. The dove sat on the man’s arm. Then the man went into the bag again and pulled out a very small bag. The man held the bag in his hand and the dove put his beak into the bag and pulled out a bean. The bird flew to the ground with the bean and put it into the dirt. All of the sudden a tree began to grow. The bird reached into the bag again and took another bean and put it into the ground. And another tree began growing. The bird planted 7 trees. And then the man and the bird disappeared. All of the sudden the trees began to grow very quickly. They took up the entire circle and the townspeople were nervous and they had to leave. Later, the townspeople came back to see the magic trees. If any of them touched one of the trees they were bestowed with an amazing gift. One tree gave wisdom, another tree gave honesty. Another, fruitfulness, beauty, intelligence, courage and strength. The townspeople became very successful and their kingdoms grew and they became prosperous and they lived happily ever after.

The Make Believe Story of How Pokémon Go Came to Be

Day 65

Once upon a time there was a group of friends who were all very different. One of them liked to play outside, and another liked to invent things. Another liked to grow plSants, and another loved to collect toys. One liked to paint and another liked to make food. Well even though they were different they all decided to play Pokemon card game. Which was rather strange, because it was all about weird made up characters, but it made sense that they played that game because it was mobile and they could take the game to school with them. They could take it to recess or anywhere they really wanted, even in the bathroom, or the mall, or anywhere. Except for church, but some even took their Pokemon decks to church. So this little group of friends who really did not have much in common somehow managed to get older without too much trouble, and they grew bigger and bigger and got more and more powerful, just like their Pokemon characters. Well, one day one of them got so powerful that they decided to create a new form of Pokemon. Called the Pokemon Go App. This app was available on a mobile device, which this group of friends with different interests could take anywhere they wanted. They could take it outside, to the bathroom, to work, and yes even to church. Some of them decided to take it to the streets, and even some more weird places. Soon Pokemon Go became a phenomenon similar to the movie The Happening with Mark Walhberg, which you can watch when you are older. This group of friends began to argue aloud why are people playing this game, what lalalalalosers, and others ran right into random things because they were playing Pokemon Go and not paying attention to what was going on around them. But overall Pokemon stood the test of time and  lived happily ever after, even if all the players did not….

A story about a Girl the Moon and her Dog

Day 64

There was once a little girl who lived in a great big tower who could see very far away. At night she looked out of the window in her tower and could see the great big yellow moon. The girl thought that the moon was beautiful. And so she decided to talk to the moon about her dog. She had a very sweet dog who loved to play outside, and who also like to jump on the bed and watch movies with her. Her dog loved to go for walks and learn about science. She loved to learn about the trees and all the neat things outdoors. Other things her dog liked to do were eating food and barking a lot. Sometimes her dog would growl at people and animals she did not like. So after the girl told the moon everything she could think of about her dog, she was more and more tired. And the moon began to look less bright and she began to fall asleep. And she sleep all night while the moon watched over her and her dog, because the moon thought her dog sounded nice too.

The Catepillar Gets his Beauty Rest

Day 63

Once upon a time there was a very sleepy caterpillar. The caterpillar was crawling around for a very long time which made him more and more and more sleepy. Finally the caterpillar was so very tired that he decided to find a nice place to curl up. So he searched through the leaves for the perfect spot to fall asleep. He found a beautiful spot, and decided to make his cocoon which is a bed for caterpillars. It is actually kind of a funny bed because caterpillars like to hang upside down and they wrap themselves all the way up, including their head and everything. So the caterpillar wrapped himself up in his cocoon and fell fast asleep, and the caterpillar slept for quite a long time. And caterpillar dreamed very big dreams about what he would do once he woke up, and then when he did he realized he was not quite the same, he was even more beautiful because he had gotten his beauty rest. Actually the term beauty rest comes from the caterpillars, they made that up, but if you go to sleep early each night you will wake up like a beautiful butterfly. This is a lesson from the caterpillars that they pass down through the generations. And they live happily ever after.

The Knight who Journeyed the Long Road

Day 62

Once upon a time there was a very long road. No one knew where the road went to because it was so very long that no one in the kingdom wanted to travel it. One day a famous knight in the kingdom decided that he would go on a quest to travel the entire road and tell his king what he found at the end. None of the other kings knew what was at the end so the knight decided that in order give the gift of knowledge to his king he would find out what was at the end of the very long road. He knew that his king would be happy because no other kings knew the answer. So the knight announced his quest at the banquet one evening in front of the entire court. Everyone of importance was in attendance, and when the knight promised to make the very long journey everyone in the hall gasped. A few of them pledged their allegiance to the knight and offered him their support. Difference members of the court pledge before the king that the brave knight could use their caravans and horses, that they would provide him with food and water for the journey, and even clothing and people to attend to his animals while on his voyage. Suddenly the knights company was very large, and he was ready to begin his journey. Along the way the knight and his company encountered some of the strangest things, like terribly scary forests, and muddy roads, rainstorms and even bandits who tried but failed to steal their food and horses. The knight was so brave that he did not give up, he slashed through the forests, he slopped through the mud, he weathered the rainstorms, and he fought off the bandits bravely. After over a year they got to a stop in the road, where there were only two turns left or right. But right in from of them stood a beautiful castle made of glittering sea glass and behind the castle was the ocean. Inside the castle was the most beautiful princess. The knight approached the princess and asked her if she was married, she smiled and said that she was waiting on her prince charming. She was of course the most beautiful princess that any of the company had ever seen. The princess said that no one ever journeyed that far and she hoped to meet a handsome king to marry. The knight asked the princess to return to his kingdom and meet the king he loved so much that he had made the journey for. The princess agreed and her kingdom gave her a proper caravan with her own horses and gifts for the king. Once the knight returned to his king with the beautiful princess the entire land was in shock. The king was delighted with his knight and awarded him the highest of honors for bringing the princess to him. The king and the princess were soon married and they ruled both near and far and the king became the envy of the other rulers because of the actions of his brave knight. They all lived happily ever after and the brave knight went down in history for his love of his king and country.

The Sky who Felt so Much

Day 61

Once upon a time there was a great blue sky who had a great deal of feelings. The sky lived above the earth who had a great deal of feelings too. The great blue sky and the earth talked about many things all day long. Sometimes the earth would erupt at the sky, and mighty volcanos would spray ash and fires into the sky. And the sky would shout back sending monsoons of rain onto the earth. At times the sky would become very cold and chill the earth till it was freezing and covered in snow and ice. Sometimes they spoke about happy things and the sun would shine down on the earth and the waves would break over and over. But the sky would argue with the earth and the would reach out to one another arguing about age old topics, and water funnels would go from the oceans to the sky as they debated an issue. At times the sky would look down at the earth with frustration and tornados would rage across the fields and the earth would respond with by shaking the oceans bottom and sending waves up into the sky. And this was the way of the sky and the earth.

How Frondy Brought Back the Rain

Day 60

Once upon a time there was a great big tree who loved to shake his leaves. The big tree was named Frondy. Frondy got his name from the ferns who lived underneath him. Frondy provided the ferns with cover so that they would not get burnt by the sun. Whenever Frondy had grown enough leaves he would shake all his old leaves off of his branches and onto the ground. Where they became food for the ferns and other plants who lived under him. He was always very happy and he was very very old and lived with other old trees. They had all lived together for over two hundred years protecting the plants that lived underneath them. Frondy noticed that his leaves growing very well. It had been quite a long time since there had been any rain in the old tree forest, and now Frondy had less leaves than usual and the big bright sun was breaking through his cover and hurting Frondy’s friends beneath him. Everyday Frondy called out to the clouds and asked for rain, “please my friends, let us drink we need some Rain!” Frondy called out three times a day, and finally the clouds became very dark and then the rain came. For 5 whole days it’s rained and rained. Frondy’s friends were so happy, because they were so thirsty. Then Frondy’s leaves began to grow. Once his leaves were ready Frondy shook and shook. And his leaves feel down onto his friends, and they were all so happy together for a very very long time.

Glitter the Pink Bumble Gum Fairy

Day 59

Once upon a time there was a pink bumble gum fairy named Glitter. Glitter loves to play in the pink gumdrop kingdom insides her igloo made out of airhead candies. She was really a candy princess and she loved to play the game Candyland with her friends. Sometimes she would have Candyland parties and everyone would have to arrive on time in order to play the game. If they were late they would have to play a much less cool game like booble. While some people think boggle is a cool game, it is not in the Pink Gumdrop Kingdom, because it does not have to do with candy. Glitter liked to do other things too, like go to the stores to buy candy or grow lollipop gardens. She lived for many years and was always happy.