Day 49

Once upon a time there was a walrus who lived very close to the North Pole who wanted to plan a party. The walrus who’s name was Marty wanted to have the very best party that any walrus had thrown before. So he set about to plan his party and the first thing that Marty did was to ask his friends if they would want to come to his party. All his friends said they didn’t get out much so of course they would be at his party. So Marty decided to have lots of neat things at his party, like an piñata made out of snow! And Marty decided that he would make great big icecicles in the shapes of all of his friends so they could take pictures next to the icecicles. He wanted to have some other fun games like capture the flag and walrus tag. He decided to have the party the next week and was really excited and so were all of his friends. Once the party started everyone was having fun. After the party a lot of the walruses said that it was one of the most exciting and fun things they had done in a long time. Marry was very happy and decided to have the party once every year and he did just that.


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