Day 50

Once upon a time there was a boat who did not know how to float. The boats name was Radius. The lived on the shore of the Chicago Bay with a lot of other boats who already knew how to float so Radius often felt like he was not very smart. Every time he was pushed into the water he would flip right over and would sink down under the water. Finally one day someone new came along who was very nice to Radius. This person told Raduis that the only thing that was wrong with him was that he had a hole that needed to be patched. Well Radius was happy and was looking forward to being patched. The person brought over some tools and put a patch onto the hole on Radius that was causing him to sink. That very day the person pushed Radius right into the water, and guess what? Radius floated right into the center and the person was with him the whole way. They floated around the bay with the other boats. And for the first time Radius looked back and saw the shore, he looked at where he would normally sit and wish to be out on the water. Radius thought that it was the most beautiful sight that he had ever seen. Every day from then on Radius and his person floated to the middle of the bay and spent along time together. He was happy to have met his person and to be floating everyday. The best part of his day had become getting pushed into the water and Radius lived happily ever after.


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