Day 52

Once upon a time there was a fox who worked in the kitchen and loved to sing. His name was Marvin. Marvin worked all day long making amazing food in his restaurant. He loved all different types of food, like hamburgers, steak, potatoes, french fries, cookies, fruits, and vegetables and Marvin especially loved chicken. Marvin had special songs that he would sing whenever he got into the kitchen, and he would sing certain songs depending on what food he was making. If Marvin was cooking hamburgers he would sing a long slow song about his love for hamburgers. Every time someone came to his restaurant, they knew what Marvin was cooking that day, because of what song he was singing. They knew if they heard a long slow song it was hamburgers, but when Marvin made chicken everyone knew about it. The song he sang was beautiful and loud, it was energetic and fun, because chicken was his favorite food to make. Some customers came to Marvin’s restaurant just to hear him sing. Marvin was the best singing fox & chef in the whole land. Marvin’s customers could hear him singing all the way outside which was good, because there was usually a long line of people waiting to get into the restaurant. Marvin loved to meet new people and would always come out and meet his friends who came to eat at his restaurant. Once day a famous music maker came into the restaurant and asked Marvin if he wanted to make a CD of his songs with a recipe book. Marvin was so happy and said that he would love to. Marvin began traveling the world singing and cooking in new and interesting restaurants. Marvin lived happily ever after.


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