Day 53

Once upon a time there was a train who lived in a playground and loved to travel all around the playground. He had a lot of fun, because he got to see new things everyday. A lot of times he saw different children who came to the playground and brought a lot of new and interesting things. They played different games and even brought dogs and other animals too. The train who’s name was Engine, liked to try to learn all of the different types of dogs that there were that went to the park. A lot of times he saw golden retrievers, but sometimes he saw a lot of different kinds of dogs like dalmations, shih-tzus, black labs, bulldogs and huskys. Engine was actually friends with come of the dogs like Pascal and his owner Emma and her parents came to the play ground almost every day. Usually when Emma was playing and her parents were sitting and talking, Pascal ran around with engine. Engine lived for a long time traveling through the park and making new friends until he was very very old.


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