Day 54

Once upon a time there was a mother goose named Greta who had ten baby goslings. One day Greta the mother Goose decided that it was time for her and her 10 babies to move to a new place. They were going to explore a new land and find a better home where she could raise her babies. They flew very far until they came to a beautiful lake that was surrounded by big trees that looked like ancient warriors and vines that covered the old tree trunks and smelled fragrant from the flowers blooming      on the vines. There was a large grassy area by the side of the lake where she nestled under the moonlight with her babies, who were tired from flying all day long. They cuddled together surrounded by soft grass and the smell of flowers and fell fast asleep dreaming very happy goose dreams. Before Mother Greta went to sleep she counted her goslings, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. All ten babies and the mother goose said a quiet prayer for each of her little ones and then feel fast asleep cuddling her babies under her wings.


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