Day 55

Once upon a time there was a great big tiger and a great big ostrich who were best friends. Some people thought it was weird that they were best friends, because a tiger is a cat and an ostrich is a bird and normally cats eats birds, but ostriches are much bigger than normal birds and much tougher too. One thing that this strange pair did every day was race each other. One thing that you may not know about ostriches is that they can run very fast. And tigers can run fast too. So since the tiger and ostrich had been friends for a very long time the ostrich and the tiger had been running races against each other for years. Usually the tiger would beat the ostrich, but over the years the ostrich had learned how to beat the tiger. The ostriches would not race the tiger just one time, not two times, not three times, but four times a day the ostrich would run his race. By the time they were ready to race the fourth time, the tiger would be tired and he would be easier to win against. So each time they got together to run their races the ostrich would always end up winning a race or two against the tiger. After they raced they would go out to eat ice cream. The tiger liked chocolate ice cream and the ostrich liked to eat peanut butter crunch worm ice cream, which the tiger thought was gross, but the ostrich was a bird after all. And after they ate their ice cream they would tell each other goodbye until the next day when they would have fun together again.


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