How Ginger the Porcupine became a Ballet Teacher

Day 57

Once upon a time there was a little porcupine named Ginger who lived in the backyard of little girl named Elle. Ginger loved to try to learn ballet. Everyday she climbed up to the window and watched Elle practice ballet. Ginger would try to learn all the ballet moves. Ginger knew she was one of the very few porcupines that was also a ballerina, but she also knew that she was going to be the very best porcupines that knew ballet too. Once she got very good at ballet from watching Elle she began to find other porcupines who also were ballerinas, that way they could organize a performance of Swan Lake. Once they got together to begin practicing they had a lot of work to do. They practiced every day, and every night. Once they were ready to put on their performance, they invited all of their porcupine friends to come to the ballet recital. Afterward they discussed opening a new school for other porcupines who wanted to learn to dance. They got a lot of new students, and Ginger became a ballet teacher, and traveled the world dancing and teaching other porcupines and she lived happily ever after.


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