How Dingo the Dalmatian Learned to Count His Spots

Day 58

Once upon a time there was a Dalmatian named Dingo who loved to go to school. Everyday Dingo got to go to school to learn new things. The school that Dingo went to was a school for dogs who were going to become heroes. They were going to work with firemen to be their sidekicks. They got to go to an obstacle course and learn to jump through hoops and run alongside people, they learned new tricks and got to eat pretty good treats everyday. Dingo liked to play with toys that challenged his mind, and he enjoyed learning how to fetch balls and catch Frisbees too. One thing that his owner loved to take Dingo to do was to play Frisbee golf. They went together on the weekends and had a lot of fun. Dingo sometimes had a hard time going to sleep after his long day at school and having fun, he still wanted to play at bedtime and needed help to go to sleep. So he learned a new trick, he counted his spots until he fell fast asleep. It was really great for Dingo, because he was able to count a whole bunch of spots. One spot, two spots, three, four, five, and his eyes got more and more sleepy as he counted, 6 spots, 7 spots, 8 spots, 9 spots, ten, and sleep started to come to Dingo, 11 spots, 12 spots, 13 spots, 14 spots, and by 15 spots Dingo was usually fast asleep, but if Dingo was not he would keep counting. And the next day Dingo would go to school and have a ton of fun.


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